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Go directly to the Order Form...

Professional Tax Return Planning & Preparation (become a Full Service Client with a $700 retainer)...

Personal Telephone Consultations ($120 - for taxpayers who are not yet clients)...

Business Formation and Incorporation Tax Consulting Services ($500 professional fee plus formation licenses, fees & costs)...

IRS Audit Representation ($1,000 to $2,000 retainer)...

Free MS Excel Tracking spreadsheet...

Professional Tax Return Planning & Preparation...

Professionally prepared federal and state income tax returns for new clients require a $700.00 nonrefundable retainer.  Before accepting new clients we need to review your prior year's tax return.  Telephone or email to talk about your concerns.  Your payment may be made by credit card using the form below or send a check payable to "Colin M. Cody, CPA" with your papers.  For the additional paperwork & other information required please review this listing.  Preparation of additional, separate, entities require an additional $700 deposit.

General fee guidelines are listed here


Colin M. Cody, CPA, CMA LLC
6004 Main Street
Trumbull, Connecticut 06611-2400

(203) 268-7000

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Personal Consultations...

Can't find your question answered on our free web site or in the free newsletter? Can't wait to submit a question to the newsletter and see if it is answered in the future?  or one that's too personal for the discussion board?

Personal telephone consultations are available from May through December.  $120.00 for up to a 30 minute session. Send a short outline of your main question to
us and we'll get back to you if we feel we can be of assistance to you, before requiring any payment to be sent.

Please see
Order Form
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New Entity Tax Consulting - Business Formation and Incorporation Tax Consulting Services...

S-Corporations, multi-member LLCs and other legal entities as well as Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Joint Accounts and Certain Joint Undertakings with Fellow Traders or Family Members may be effectively used for trading vehicles. 
email us or telephone us to discuss your particular needs.

You can do it yourself, using's assistance:
LLC and S-Corp or C-Corp Entity Formation Services, for all 50 States.  Before accepting new clients we need to briefly review your goals to make sure you are ready to make the step in this direction.  Your LLC or S-Corp can be up and running in as little as a few days with expedited service (in those States that offer expedited service), or a few weeks with the State's regular service, or within hours for a RULPA qualifying CT LLC.  We require a $700.00 nonrefundable retainer to become a client from which our $500 flat fee for income tax advice on forming and planning your entity is drawn.

And supply your credit card information for you to directly charge the
other fees (Secretary of State fee, etc. - VISA and Master Card only).  Your retainer payment may also be made by credit card using the form below or send a check payable to "Colin M. Cody, CPA."  Telephone or email us  to talk about your concerns.

Please see Order Form

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IRS Audit Representation...

IRS audits are a fact of life.  If you are just starting an IRS audit or even if you're already in the middle of an IRS audit the most important thing you can do is immediately get out of the line of fire by signing a power of attorney (form 2848 form 2848 ) to have a professional representative deal with the IRS on your behalf. 

The IRS is currently targeting self-prepared individual trader tax returns showing trading losses and returns filed without the required detailed attachment of your trades and/or returns with large deductions on Schedule C lines 8 through 27.

The IRS is also targeting self-prepared entity tax returns showing trading losses and returns filed without the required detailed attachment of trades.

Once you are selected for audit, do not make the mistake thinking that you merely need to provide your trading details and other documentation to the IRS with with a smile.  The IRS examiner will likely not have a clue what "Trader Status" is, and will disallow the tax benefits taken on the tax return.

If you (or your entity) have received your first IRS notice and have not yet responded, then a retainer of $1,000 along with copies of your tax returns and the initial audit correspondence is necessary. 

If you are already in two-way communications with the IRS a retainer of $2,000 is necessary for us to step into your shoes. 

If we find that your tax return has errors and an amended tax return needs to be prepared, this can be done usually for a flat-fee charge of $350 per tax year touched, after consulting with you about the error or problem uncovered.  Not all errors result in preparing an amended tax return.

Other fees are listed here

Whether you use us for audit representation or not, we implore you to immediately get out of the line of fire and retain a CPA, a tax attorney or other tax professional to represent you.  Most taxpayers are likely to be causing their case irreparable damage the longer they wait.

Please see Order Form

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Tracking spreadsheet...

Also available, at no cost, is our complete Microsoft Excel 97 professional stock trader spreadsheet to record all your trading buy and sell transactions. (Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 version is also available). Use this for your own self-prepared tax return by printing it out and attaching to your Schedule D, or email the completed spreadsheet back to us to help facilitate analysis and preparation of your tax return by us here. The spreadsheet is not required for us to prepare your trader status return. We can use any form of organized data right from your broker.

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Order Form
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Order Form


  Please note: In order to provide you with a completely secure internet experience only a portion of your important numbers will be entered here.

Since you are not entering your entire credit card number or your entire social security number, your input is completely safe.

Please provide the "missing portion" of these numbers by sending a separate email or fax 773-668-1058 or if you prefer, by leaving a voice message 203-268-7000. 
Credit Card Type:
Credit Card #:
enter last 4 digits here - phone-in or email the restVISA  M/C    .
Expiration Date:  
(3 digit code on the signature strip of your credit card)
   CID # 
Name on Card:
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Card's Address: (Where your credit card bill is sent to)
Card's City:
Card's State: ( USA clients only please)
Card's Zip Code:
Telephone:    ex: 123-456-7890
Fax number:    ex: 123-456-7890
Social Security* (needed for entity formation):    enter last 4 digits here - phone-in or email the rest (also see IRS disclosure * below)
Date of Birth (needed for various tax purposes):    ex: 06-15-1972 (MM-DD-YYYY )
Click item(s) you wish to order: Retainer payment for full service representation (tax planning and preparation) $700.00.

$500 flat fee for entity tax planning and entity formation consulting plus $200 retainer payment - $700.00 for each entity.

Personal telephone consultation $120.00 (available May through December).

Additional archival copies of tax returns, K-1's etc $50.00 (and up).

Initial retainer for a new IRS audit or retainer for any prior year foreign financial account issues $1,000.00.

Initial retainer for taking over an ongoing IRS audit or foreign financial account inquiry or examination or an Offer in Compromise matter $2,000.00.

Initial retainer for handling an appeal of an IRS audit decision from an examination handled elsewhere $5,000.00

Retainer payment for litigation support or mediation support "as negotiated."

Free professional stock trader spreadsheet for MS Excel 97-2000.

Free professional stock trader spreadsheet for MS Excel 5.0/95.

Payment of bill (fill in details below)
Tell us any special instructions about what you are ordering:
  Please take note:
A new professional/client relationship is not automatically created by the submission of your credit card information for your retainer or other payment.  Each relationship and engagement are subject to our normal client acceptance procedures before your credit card information is sent to your bank for processing.  We will be pleased to welcome you as a client once accepted!
Please read our client relationship disclaimer and other disclaimers.
* By inputting the last four digits of your Social Security Number above and submitting this form you are indicating that you have read and electronically sign this required statement: You understand that by providing your Social Security Number to us, that you are authorizing us to obtain and receive the new entity EIN on your behalf (when applicable) and to answer questions about the completion of the appropriate IRS form.
, After pressing [Submit] you may press your [Back] key to return here and add/modify/correct your order.
  Tax Deduction Reminder

Your payments for income tax services, advice and business related books and services may be tax deductible as an investment expense under IRS Sections 67 and 212 to the extent that miscellaneous itemized deductions exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income. Alternatively they are fully tax deductible as a business expense by most corporations and trade or businesses under Section 162 of the IRS Code.

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