IRS Easy-to-Use Online Tools

The IRS has several online tools that are easy to use. You can check on the status of your tax refund, make a payment of tax or get some basic tax questions answered:

  • IRS Taxpayer Transcripts You can get a transcript by mail (and sometimes, even online) to view your tax account transactions or your line-by-line tax return information for a specific tax year or your wages and income 1099s etc. Get Transcript. The IRS makes various transcripts available (see types here).  IRS Document 6209 Section 8A Master File Codes   IRS Pocket Guide of Transaction Codes   IRS Transaction Codes
  • Social Security Transcripts You can keep track of your earnings and verify them every year. My Social Security
  • Copy of old Form W-2 You can obtain copies/printouts of your old Forms W-2 for any year from 1978 to the present.  Social Security tax statements  Also available from IRS for the past 7 years Form 4506
  • Recover your Misplaced TIN or EIN, the nine-digit number assigned to employers, businesses, trusts and estates. Get your misplaced EIN or call Business & Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933 or contact IRS Entity Control 800-829-4933.
  • Get an Identity Protection PIN, a six-digit number assigned to eligible taxpayers that helps prevent the misuse of your Social Security number. Get An IP PIN and additional ID Protection information and ID Security. Also see, Victim Assistance, IRS Tips, Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft.
  • Has your email address been compromised?,
  • Telephone scams, Aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents remain a major threat to taxpayers. Many phone scams use threats to intimidate and bully a victim into paying and threaten to arrest, deport or revoke the license of their victim if they don’t get the money. Phone Scams page.   Contact TIGTA to report the call. Use their “IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting” web page. You can also call 800-366-4484.  Report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Use the “FTC Complaint Assistant” on Please add “IRS Telephone Scam” in the notes. 

  • Where’s My IRS Refund? Checking the status of your tax refund is easy when you use Where’s My Refund?
    You can also use this tool with the IRS2Go mobile app.
    Or read the IRS Informational PDF.
    Or call the IRS at 800-829-4477.
  • Where’s My State Refund? Checking the status of your state tax refund is easy when you use Where Is My State Refund?
  • Where’s My Amended IRS Tax Return Refund? The Where’s My Amended Return Refund tool provides the status of Form 1040X Amended Tax Returns.

  • Direct Pay. Use IRS Direct Pay to pay your tax bill or pay your estimated tax directly from your checking or savings account. Direct Pay is easy and free. The tool walks you through five simple steps to pay your tax in one online session. You can also use Direct Pay with the IRS2Go mobile app.
  • EFTPS. Use IRS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® to pay your tax bill or pay your estimated tax directly from your checking or savings account. Direct Pay is free to use.
  • Pay Taxes by EFW (inquiry & cancelation). Use IRS Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) to pay your taxes when efiling your federal taxes through a tax professional’s office. Using this payment option, you may submit a payment request for direct debit from your designated bank account. Call the IRS at 888-353-4537 to inquire about or to cancel a pending payment.
  • Other payment options. Use IRS Tax Time Guide.
  • Finding out how much unpaid taxes you still owe.  If you are ready to start catching up on paying your unpaid taxes, the amount due for taxes, penalties and interest are computed daily here.
  • Online Payment Agreement.  If you can’t pay your taxes in full, apply for an Online Payment Agreement. The Direct Debit payment plan option is a lower-cost hassle-free way to pay your tax each month.

  • Inflation Calculator. The Value of a Dollar tool calculates inflation to see what a US dollar was worth in the past and today. View historical and today’s current inflation rates, using the CPI provided by the United States government. Inflation data is updated regularly, so results may differ from other websites.
  • Withholding Calculator. The Withholding Tax Calculator tool can help you fill out Form W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. Give the filled out form to your employer.
  • IRS Calculators. Tax related calculators for penalties and late payment interest.
  • Interactive Tax Assistant.  Try the Interactive Tax Assistant. For example – If you do not have qualifying health insurance coverage, the tool can help. You can find out if you must make an individual shared responsibility payment or if you are eligible for an exemption, when you file your income tax return. You can also use the tool to find out if you are eligible for the premium tax credit.
  • IRS Charitable Organization Verification. If you want to deduct your gift to charity, the organization you give to must be qualified. Use the IRS Select Check tool to see if a group is qualified.
  • Cost of leaving workforce to raise children. Estimated career cost vs. paying for childcare. Use the Hidden Cost Calculator tool.
  • What is the amount needed to retire. Estimate how much you need to save for retirement. Use the Improved R:IQ tool (and select “MY R:IQ).
  • Tax Map.  The IRS Tax Map gives you a single point to get tax law information by subject. It integrates your topic with related tax forms, instructions and publications into one research tool.
  • Form 1040 Calculator. The From 1040 Calculator tool can estimate your federal income tax liability.
  • Other Helpful Tools More IRS tools are available here.
  • Other Helpful Tools The IRS Help Desk and telephone assistance.
  • IRS-Tax-Tips are updated here.
  • Basic Tools for Tax Professionals are available here.
  • e-help Desk for Tax Professionals telephone support 866-255-0654.
  • e-help Social Security Number name matching error Desk 800-772-1213.

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