Professional Representation

Why retain us to handle your delinquent IRS (and State) tax return Issues.
IRS controversy issues, tax return audits and even routine IRS and State inquiries are best handled by a professional CPA firm, rather than going it alone and risking “putting your foot in your mouth”. Taxpayers signing a special IRS limited Power of Attorney may retain us to represent them with many of these issues. Contact us before you contact the IRS in response to an imposing inquiry.

Why use for your trader tax advisor? is the Web Site presence of Colin M. Cody, CPA, CMA. Colin advises Security Traders and CPAs across the country regarding complex trader status issues. Colin has been advising Security Traders on the Internet since 1991.

Colin M. Cody, CPA, CMA has been instrumental in the authorship of the actual and forthcoming securities trader Tax Code by working with the drafters of the IRS Code while interpreting the intent of the US Congress when they pass the law.

Audits are handled for taxpayers in any of the U.S. States either by communicating with the IRS examiners via telephone, fax and mail or by transferring your case to Connecticut for face-to-face meetings with the IRS examiners and appeals officers.

More often than not Colin finds errors in the preparation of the tax returns under audit. The errors made on self-prepared tax filings are responsible for initiating some audit inquiries. Errors we find on professionally prepared returns are usually only found after a thorough review of your paperwork back in our offices and sometimes these have quite severe misinterpretations of the law.

It is not uncommon for us to find that taxpayers have overpaid their taxes in prior years because regular tax rules were used rather than the proper Trader Status allowances.

If errors favor the taxpayer and your taxes were overpaid, then we may prepare proforma drafts of amended tax filings to present to the IRS examiner during the audit. If the errors favor the IRS and your taxes were underpaid, then then we prepare for the possibility that the IRS examiner will also find those same mistakes.

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When a POA is signed by you and then submitted by us to the IRS, we can get involved for a speedy resolution to these five common “IRS inquiries”

  • IRS Account Problems Inquiry
  • Complex IRS Refund Inquiry
  • IRS Notice Inquiry
  • IRS back taxes Installment Agreement Inquiry
  • Lost Payment Tracer Inquiry

During a Follow-up Inquiry we can submit additional information on a previously submitted inquiry.

IRM 4.11.29 Transfer of Examination to CPA Office