Tax Resolution

Do you have IRS Problems?

When faced with an income tax controversy, the problem is that you can’t just call the IRS with any assurance that they will be on your side and play fair in resolving a non-filer issue or under reported income problem or a late payment situation.

For issues including a summons to Tax Court or an unfair or excessive wage levy or garnishment or seizure of assets retaining a tax lawyer is often the best way to go.  But you can’t really be expected to hire a tax lawyer for typical collection issues and know that it will be resolved correctly and that you won’t be charged more than is reasonable to do the job.

Starting in 2016, taxpayers who are behind $50,000 or more risk losing their Passport.  And the States are sure to follow with similar means of enforcement.  So what’s next?  Driver’s Licenses?  Voter Registration?  Death Certificates!?

You probably shouldn’t hire a large, heavily advertised tax resolution company and know that the commission-based employees they hire to close the sale will have the proper knowledge and experience to resolve your particular situation. Doing a simple Google Search might show this to be the case.

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Qualifications of Tax Professionals – for income tax problems

Most heavily advertised IRS representation companies are not professionally licensed by the state they are in. This will probably cost you a lot of wasted time and money that you won’t be able to recover no matter who you complain to.

But professional State licensing boards regulate their members. They require extensive education, high standards of practice, continuing education, and make diligent efforts to police their members for the protection of the public. No other agency public or private, will assure you of the level of confidence of a CPA firm.

Never try to go it alone to resolve a significant tax problem on your own. The IRS often provides bad advice or advice that causes you to overpay your taxes; and that might expose you to further problems down the road, including tax liens, and tax levies on your bank account and your wages.

IRS Publication 4235 Collection Advisory Group contacts
IRS video Lien Notice Withdrawal

Specializing in Non-Filer Cases
The IRS is strongly pursuing and prosecuting “non-filers.” If you have not filed your federal income tax returns, we can be your advocate and represent you regarding this severe issue.  Often we start with taking actions to force the IRS to begin honoring a statue of limitations (usually limiting this to the most beneficial three year statute of limitations period)  See webpage: Non-filers & Delinquent Tax Returns

Tax Audits & Examinations
We have the needed experience to represent taxpayers before the examination division of the IRS for individuals and small businesses.  See webpage: Your IRS & State Tax Return Audit

IRS Appeals Engagements
We are qualified and licensed and can represent clients at the IRS appellate level for all types of tax matters pending before the IRS. Even including “audit reconsideration cases” (see IRS Publication 3598) where an examination has already gone out of control and an assessment has already been sent to the taxpayer via that onerous certified mailing with a warning that you have only 90 days to hire a lawyer to file a petition with IRS Tax Court.

Collection Matters
Offer-in-compromise.  For certain taxpayers with few or no assets and current income, the IRS may settle for less tax than has been assessed.  See IRS sites: Fresh Start Initiative  and Payment Plans, Installment Agreements.
See webpages: Collection Due Process HearingOffer in Compromise  |  Installment Agreement  |  IRS Status 53 – Currently Not Collectible